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     "Dedicated to Turbo Performance Marques & Other Stuff"

This WEB site was created initially for Turbo Car enthusiasts around the world, to share our hobby, unique ideas and information about their passion for Turbo Charged Marques.

It has been expanded over the years to include other hopefully interesting subjects. Please click around and share the site with your friends.

IMP  Concepts  hopes you will  find  these  pages  of interest. We intend on posting facts and FAQ's as they are presented by all who access this web site.  Please try to  contribute. 

IMP Concepts does not solicit.  We do not collect personal information or violate your privacy in any way.  We created a Unique Customized In-Dash Digital Boost Gauge. We only sell our own custom made hard to obtain unique gauges on request and do not advertise. Gauges are only available on request. They are exclusive to this Web site!

We are always looking for distributors/installers for our Performance Gauges.
 In addition, if you do not see your car listed, we are always looking for new vehicles to adapt our gauges to. Please Email us for more details.

Boost Gauge Kits NOW include an optional Programmable Peak Holdtm

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Pictures & Things

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Modified Esprit V8
bullet.gif (846 bytes) Audi S4 TT
bullet.gif (846 bytes) Porsche Twin Turbo "S"
bullet.gif (846 bytes) In Memory Of Our Dog Tequila
bullet.gif (846 bytes) Cruising The Caribbean
bullet.gif (846 bytes) How To Retire Before 50

Porsche Turbo

bullet.gif (846 bytes) Porsche Turbo "S" Page

Audi & VW Turbos

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Audi S4 Twin Turbo

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VW Passat 1.8 Turbo

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VW Jetta 1.8 Turbo

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VW Golf 1.8 Turbo

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VW Golf , Jetta & Passat TDI

Nissan 300 ZX TT

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300 ZX Twin Turbo Page

Lotus Esprit Turbo

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Esprit V8 Twin Turbo

Interesting Links

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Audi, Lotus & VW Sites

Articles For Sale

bullet.gif (846 bytes) Gauges For Sale
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