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IMP Concepts is a Florida based Site. We specialize in URC Remote Programming, Refurbishing and Sales, 3DP Drone Parts, Custom 3DP Parts and Refurbished URC Remote Controls. We make every effort to provide a good quality product. If you have ANY issues or concerns please contact up immediately and we will make good, that is a promise.

We are "Not  For Profit Webstore", but not from a Tax perspective, we get no government benefits or exemptions, but from a real profit perspective. Our prices reflect the cost of providing quality products to hobbyists and covering the costs of our related expenses. Our intention is to "Break Even" annually and be profit neutral. For the last 3 years we have succeeded.

If we find ourselves with a surpluss, we offer the it back to our customers in the form of Sales and Coupon Codes. These sales and coupon codes are only available to our customers. Periodically we will send emails to our registered customers with discount corresponding discount codes.




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