3D Printed Parts Disclaimer

All 3D Printed products are made by the Plastic Extrusion method. This means that plastic is heated and layered upon itself to build the final part. As a result the resulting completed parts are not as strong as normal injection molded platics. In addition the point at which the plastic becomes pliable is a less than regular plastics. It is not recommeded to use 3D Printed parts for use in confined spaces that are subject to high temperatures as the parts may distort. Examples include; inside a hot car, in direct sunlight for prolonged periods or any other area that can potentialy exceed 150 Degrees F. and above. We are not responsible for any damage as a result of high heat exposure. In an effort to mitigate this IMP Concepts ONLY provides products made with high temperature ABS plastics. We determined earlier on that PLA turned out NOT to be suitable.

All Parts are made to order and 3D printed in strong Black ABS unless otherwise stated. Please allow 24 hours for the production process.

‚Äč3D Printed Parts are not like Injection Molded Parts. The surface will show extrusion rings, artifacts, blemishes and other signs of plastic extrusion. This will occur with any 3D Printed parts using the FDM meathod of printing as we do. Slanted and curved virtical (Z Axis) surfaces will show more extrusions, artifacts, blemishes and signs of plastic extrusion than flatter parts. This in no way deters from the parts functionality. All parts are inspected prior to shipment.

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